THIS is ALD #23 — Mason

smiles and duct tape

Are there any GOOD ALD stories? I guess we need to define the word GOOD.

1. to be desired or approved of.
“a good quality of life”

Jack (THIS is ALD #1), as a GOOD ALD story. He’s happy and can walk and see and hear and laugh. Although his life is full of challenges, we’re grateful that he’s enjoying a wonderful quality of life. If you look through the previous 22 THIS is ALD stories we’ve shared, you will find other GOOD stories, but sadly ALD is not a disease known for GOOD stories. As Newborn Screening spreads across the country (the world), GOOD stories will take over. Until then, a determined family, curious doctors and a lot of luck needs to come together for GOOD to happen. Mason had all three.

THIS is ALD.jpgTHIS is ALD #23 — Mason

48310016_516246782203674_178482150578847744_nMason was born on March 19…

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